WP Automotive was founded by Warren Pearce (WP) and was a company specialized in Jaguar tuning, mainly with racing in mind, when son Laurence took over the bussiness and taking the company in a completely different direction. When in the mid-1980s Laurence was allowed to use the Lister name for his Jaguar-conversions his company really started booming. WP Automotive took over the Lister brand-name from BLE-Automotive, a company who had used the Lister name, with approval from Brian Lister himself, in the early 1980s.


The WP Automotive Listers were more extreme than the BLE-versions: more horsepower, wider, more extravagant. The cars made by WP were not merely tuned Jaguars, they were completely new cars only using a Jaguar bodyshell and some Jaguar components, though heavily modified for high-performance. The most notable cars made by WP Automotive are the Lister Jaguar Mk 3 (XJ-S based), the Lister Le Mans (XJ-S based) and the Lister XJ.


A sneak peak in the WP Automotive workshops.



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