Although Vittorio Strosek started his company Strosek Auto Design with a series of designs for the Porsche 928, the 911 was not overlooked; it was simply a matter of market saturation that made Strosek's choice for diverting from the obvious choice for the 911 as his subject of re-design. Three years had the company existed before the 911 was finally touched in 1987; firstly with a very rounded design that did away with the then current 911SC-model's high-impact bumpers. This much more clean design makes the Strosek 911SC look so much younger, almost ahead of it's time. Strosek offered a Version I, II and III for the 911SC and, the Version I being the tame version, the Versions II and III the wider and more wild looking cars.


A Strosek Porsche 911 "Version II". This early car has the new front- and rear bumpers (front bumpers without fog lights), side skirts and modified rear fenders . It also shows the more aerodynamic Strosek wing mirrors, 16" BBS RS wheels  but retains the original Porsche headlights (1987)



A Strosek Porsche 911 cabrio "Version II", from 1987. The car has the rare Strosek High-tech wheel covers for the 16" BBS rims, painted black.








A Strosek Porsche 911 "Version III", the top-tier 911 conversion offered by Strosek in the 1988 catalogue. Semi-slantnose with Bosch Elipsoid headlamps, new bumpers and skirts, redesigned rear wheel fenders with shark-like openings, a Strosek rear wing and 17" OZ Futura wheels, the latest thing in 1988. This particular car was also tuned under the hood, out-sourced to a German company called RS-Tuning which improved the engine's original 296 horsepower output to about 540, by means of slightly improving the engine's capacaty t 3.4L and a twin-KKK Turbo-setup!







A Strosek Porsche 911 Cabrio with "Version III" bodykit and 16" BBS spoke wheels (1987/88). This early version already has the Elipsoid headlights by Bosch combined with Porsche 944 light-clusters in the bumpers.





This is the Version I bodykit for the 930, the pre-1989 Porsche 911 Turbo. Note that this car was built by the Swiss representative for Strosek, FAB-Design.





This is a Strosek 911 "Version I" for the 911 Carrera. The "Version I" wasn't nearly as wide as the "Versions II and III". This red 911, which in fact is a Carrera RS with roll cage and was Vittorio Strosek's personal car, does have the big rear wing that was more often mounted on the wider versions. 17" OZ Futura's make the conversion complete.





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