The "Antibes" conversion by Robert Jankel Design / Le Marquis was a 10" stretch conversion that was carried out behind the rear  doors. In some cases the Jankel Antibes is also refered to as the "Rolls-Royce / Bentley Short Extension". The Antibes conversion was available on all Rolls-Royce (Silver Spur, Silver Spirit) and Bentley (Eight, Mulsanne) cars. 


A quick look might fool the eye: at first glance the Jankel Antibes doesn't look like a stretched Rolls-Royce. However a second look learns the gap between rear door and wheel arch. That's where the ten inches come from which result in 



The Jankel Antibes' interior. Interesting about it is the division between front and rear seats, but also the choice of leather for the front seats and velours for the rear ones. The problem with fitting a division in a car not stretched that many inches is that that there's little room left for the division itself. The window of the division goes "around the corner", not a very elegant solution. The division contains a TV and other components which are there solely to please the passengers such as a fridge and even a small clock.






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