Audi was a rising star in the 1980s. With the C3 model Audi 100/200 (1982-1991), Audi was aiming at the higher ranges. With the growing potential of the Audi 100/200 it became interesting to modify this car for the luxury market. 


Treser was one of the first to do so with the Audi Treser Largo. This car was presented at the 1985 IAA in Frankfurt. The Largo was an Audi 100/200 stretched by 24cm (wheel base stretched 32cm). With the extra length the Treser Largo is exactly the same length as a Mercedes 500SEL. 


The Treser Largo could be fitted with all the luxury like a television, video, car phone and minibar. Optionally the rear seats could be replaced by two electrically operated ones. 


After Treser have cut the Audi 100/200 behind the rear doors parts of the Audi 100/200 Avant (parts of the roof and wings) and then the trunk of the regular Audi 100/200 is put behind that. This was made possible because of the close relationship of Treser with the Audi factory where they could get the parts straight out of the stock. 


Appart from the coachwork the Largo could be fitted with the typical Treser spoiler-set which consisted of heavy front and rear bumpers, side skirts and widened wheel arches. 


Treser made a total of about 30 Largos, some of them went to the US, some of them to Japan and the Middle-East. The price of a Largo conversion was 65.000 DM in 1985. This was the conversion alone, added to this was the price of the Audi 200 Quattro which costed 60.000 DM (compared to the 70.000 DM of a 500SEL).















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