Steefson Car, a company from the Belgian town Saint-Nicolas, was know for, well only one car: an extremly outrageous BMW 7-series (E23). Steefson intruduced the car, which was basically a demonstration of what the company could do, at several car shows in 1986-7 in Germany and in Brussels (Belgium) and Mulhouse (France). One can image after seeing the photos that the reactions to the car by the press were not always very positive... 


Exterior wise Steefson Car gave the BMW 723i some sportier touches such as new bumpers and a boot spoiler. New rims were part of the package as well. But the real deal is on the inside of the car. Creme leather and all wooden parts covered in python including the centre console and picnic tables. Except for the outrageous upholstery the car had all the standard luxuries like a TV, bar, Pioneer stereo and carphone. Priced at 350.000DM in 1987 the car wasn't cheap either.


Based on a BMW 723i, the Steefson Car modified BMW 7-series looked quite normal from the outside. The new spoilers all around, candy apple red paintwork and new rims form a disquise from what happened on the inside of the car.



Two photos showing the Steefson Car E23 BMW at a stand on a German car show. The special paintjob consisted of 20 layers of paint, similar to the way Rolls-Royce paints their cars.



The Steefson Car BMW 723i and it's creator, Mr. Bodson.


This should give a hint. Leather covers most of the interior but where one would expect walnut fascia and picnic tables we find crazyness in the shape of python leather.


Steefson wrapped all parts that used to be wood with a layer of python skin. Even details like the shitknob were given a treatment. Similar to what Carat by Duchatelet used to do, Steefson added silver beakers as an interior-accessoire. Duchatelet used those made by Cartier, Steefson opted for beakers made by Piere Meurgey from Paris.


The centre console with TV, video and small fridge. All of these were operated through the series of buttons (attached to a on board computer) which you can see in the middle of the console. The cigarete lighter was 24k gold plated.


Picnic tables and a storage compartment for the silver beakers in the backs of the seats.


Between the rear seats not a cooling compartment, but two safes to keep your jewels and cash money.


The Pioneer Centrate stereo system is mounted in a roof console, very similar to that of the Carat Diamond by Duchatelet. The frames of the Centrate are also 24k gold plated.


The telephone was mounted in the roof, in the center above the rear seats. Lovely...


This was the AWACS type antenna for the TV. According to Steefson Car this was the best antenna available. The louvers next to the license plate holder are installed so the electronic equipment in the trunk (for powering all the gadgets in the interior) doesn't overheat.





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