In the early 1990s the until then obvious reign of the Range Rover in the luxury market was under re-evaluation; although the Range Rover was still popular, the Middle-East market was getting interested in customized versions of the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser.


Vantagefield of London stepped into this opportunity and offered several customized versions of the Nissan Patrol (Y60 model) which included:

  • a four-door convertible
  • a four-door, 14 inch stretched limousine
  • a six-door stretched limousine
  • a hunting version, regular length but with hydraulically liftable hunting seats


This is the Vantagefield built Nissan Patrol (Y60) four-door "Power hood convertible". With demand for Nissan and Toyota based conversions for the Middle-East increasing in the early 1990s Vantagefield offered this conversion for the Nissan Patrol, where very similar conversions based on the Range Rover had littered the catalogs of the coach builders in the years before that.




This is a custom six-door strech limousine based on the Nissan Patrol (Y60) done by Vantagefield.




This 14 inch stretched four-door Nissan Patrol (Y60) was also offered by Vantagefield of London. The conversion as shown here was a complete limo-treatment that included a "Sheer-Rover" inspired front-end treatment, custom wheels, two-tone paintjob and a complete interior overhaul that included custom leather and a TV.



A similar 14" Stretch Nissan Patrol (Y60) limousine. The front-end treatment is very obvious from this end and inspiraition clearly stems from the Wood & Pickett SheerRover grille.




Text: copyright Bram Corts


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