Zender of Mülheim-Kärlich was one of the first tuners that did the most controversial a tuner could do: modify a Ferrari. In the early 1980s, it must have been around 1981, Zender designed a bodykit for the Ferrari 512bb and soon thereafter a series of bodykits for the Ferrari 308 GTB / 308 GTS. The Ferrari 308 conversions were called the "Monza 1", "Monza 2","Monza 3" and "Monza 4", the "Monza 1" being the most complete conversion. Prices of the complete conversion with all options would be close to 15.000 DM (1981).



One of the first Zender 308 Ferraris: this early prototype 308 sets itself apart from later versions by its simple sideskirt and the aparent lack of fender flares. A new front and rear bumper have been fitted, as is a rear spoiler and new 16"Rial wheels.



New rear bumper, rear wing, wider wheels. The Zender Ferrari looks much more fresh...




This is the final version of the Zender "Monza 1" conversion for the Ferrari 308. The conversion options included:

  • New front- and rear bumpers
  • Sideskirts
  • Completely newly designed flared front- and rear fenders
  • 3-piece Rear wing
  • 16" Rial wheels with 225/50 R 16 tires
  • Rear track was widened by 70mm
  • Optional exhaust with 4 pipes (not on this photo)
  • Optional roof spoiler (not on this photo)
  • Optional streamline wing mirrors
  • Interior options included a centre console for the HiFi.



A Zender Ferrari 308 "Monza 1" standing in the Zender showroom.


On the cover of a 1981 German Sport-Fahrer magazine: two Zender "Monza 1" based on Ferrari 308 GTS and 308 GTB.






Zender's streamlined wing mirrors for the Ferrari 308.



This is the Zender Ferrari 308 GTB "Monza 2" conversion. The Monza 2 conversion included flared front- and rear fenders, a new front- and rear bumper, a set of side skirts, roof spoiler and a tail spoiler. The standard mirrors of the Ferrari were replaced by smaler racy variants and the wheels are Rial 16inch examples, much wider than the standard Ferrari wheels.


The sideskirts and fender flares of the "Monza 2" are far less smooth than those of the "Monza 1". The conversion was a cheaper one that didn't need the complete wing panels to be replaced.







A more mildly modified Zender Ferrari 308 GTS which would be called Zender Monza 3 or 4. According to the catalog the Zender Monza 3 and 4 conversions were entrant level conversions and did include fender flares for the rear wheels and side skirts. All of the other parts were optional. The car in this photo doesn't seem to have fender flares but it has been fitted with Zender front bumper, sideskirt and 16" Rial wheels.


A Ferrari 308 GTS with Zender side skirts and fender flares.




A Zender interior for the Ferrari 308: it includes a centre-console for an extra set of guages, a Blaupunk Berlin stereo and a storage system for cassette tapes.


Different car, different solution. This Zender Ferrari 308 has received a different dashboard console than the above. Again the stereo and cassette tape storages are integrated.





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