Glenfrome Engineering, also known as "Glenfrome of England" and "Glenfrome of Bristol", was founded in the late 1970s by Ken Evans and Vivian Hunt. The company's first show piece was the "Glenfrome Delta". The Delta was a sportscar designed and built completely by Glenfrome. The car was presented at the 1977 London Motorfair. But in stead of returning from the Motorfair with orders for the Delta (which by the way was quite a promising design), Evans and Hunt were given an order for a series of special Range Rover conversions meant for export.  And as time would learn, that wouldn't be their last order. Glenfrome became one of the biggest Range Rover coachbuilders and were most famous for their "Facet" and "Profile" Range Rover rebodies. Although Glenfrome did convert other cars as well (Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce) the majority of converted cars were Range Rovers which included 6-wheelers, convertibles, stretched ones and the obvious hunting cars. Most cars were done for the Middle-East, although the Sultan of Brunei used to be big customer as well. The special bespoke conversions were such a big bussiness that Glenfrome never got to building the car where it all started from, the Glenfrome Delta.


One of Glenfrome of Bristol's most outrageous creations, the 1983 Glenfrome Facet based on a Range Rover.





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