Gemballa's take on the Porsche 928 theme. The Gemballa widebody kit for the Porsche 928 was introduced in 1986 and was initially based on the Porsche 928S. However with the introduction of the 928 S4 in 1987 the Gemballa design was also overhauled slightly by incorporating the S4's new head- and tail lights. It also became optional to have your 928S to be converted into widebody including the 928 S4 head and tail lights, making your older 928S look much newer.

The Gemballa 928 widebody was offered in three different versions:


Version I: The initial 928 Gemballa Widebody based on the 928S


Version II: The "S4" version of the Gemballa 928 Widebody with new head- and tail lights, introduced in 1987


Version III: This version included a much modified nose with square-shaped closed pop-up headlights and extra air intakes , also introduced in 1987


Besides the exterior options Gemballa, as an interior specialist, obviously also offered many options for the Porsche 928 interior to be improved, ranging from leather upholstery to special high-end stereo instalations to be installed.



1986: A right hand drive Gemballa 928 Widebody "Version I" in a special Walter Maurer paintjob, changing from light grey metallic from the front to a darker tone at the rear of the car. Wheels used are BBS RS 16".


Why have one if you can have two?



"That" red two-tone Porsche 928 Gemballa Widebody, again 1986. Fitted with Ronal wheels.


















The Gemballa 928 Widebody based on the 1987 Porsche 928 S4.








The Gemballa Porsche 928 Version III bodykit on 928 S4 basis: the main difference with the Versions I and II were the different head lights and extra air intakes for the V8 engine in the bonnet, which do make the Porsche look quite different.










This is an early 1990s Gemballa 928 S4. Allthough it looks almost the same is the late 1980s version it differs in small details; the front bumper was slightly altered with the splitter now having a slightly rounded part in the middle. The car also features the new look Gemballa wheels.



The back of this Gemballa 928 holds something totally cool; instead of the more common Gemballa four-pipe exhaust organ that was usually installed on the Gemballa 928s, this white car has an even more spectacular eight-pipe system installed!!





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