The Arden AJ3 was a Jaguar XJ-S based "Shooting Brake" introduced in 1987. The Arden AJ3 was a station car similar to the Eventer built by Lynx Engineering in England from 1982 onwards; however Arden's AJ3 had all the performance updates Arden offered for the regular bodied Jaguar XJ-S, including all of Arden's styling elements. The demonstrator of the car that was shown in various guises in many magazines over a long period of time, was fitted with a (in a good sense) very ostentaciously equipped, interior upholstered in red-leather inlcuding the ceiling and fitted with Recaro C-Ideal seats. Even the trunk was clothed in bright-red carpetry.


Arden fitted the car with various different wheels over the years, starting with Rial 16", then Borbet 17", OZ-Futura 17" and eventually even with Arden's own wheel design. Only one AJ3 was shown in period publications, but according to Arden a total of five cars were built.


Various design sketches of the Arden AJ3 that were shown to potential customers and press.



Team photo: The Arden AJ3 Shooting Brake and the AJ2 Cabriolet.





This rear view of the Arden AJ3 XJ-S Shooting Brake is showing the neatness of the rear end compared to the first generation Lynx Eventer; the Eventer at this time had a tailgate that had outside placed hinges, this Arden AJ3 has them placed on the inside.


Very nice red carpetry on the trunk's floor. Note the Larger struts for the tailgate than on the Lynx Eventer.



The Arden AJ3 sitting on 17" Borbet wheels.





The interior of the Arden AJ3 demonstrator was red, very red.... Red leather everywhere, on the dash, the custom steering wheel, the custom Recaro seats even on the ceiling.






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