The Mercedes-Benz SL-class R107 is one of those cars that apparently wasn’t as attractive to modify as the SEL and SECs back in the 80s. Sure, there were a lot of spoilers and skirts available for it but it never got the attention the way the S-class did. 


Probably one of the more interesting ones is the widebody version done by Koenig-Specials from Munich. Their version changed the somewhat tame looks from the stock SL roadster into a brute monster with a lot of horsepower and over-the-top looks. As with most of the Koenig-Specials body modifications it featured the typical Ferrari Testarossa inspired air slits (which don’t really let any air through though) and extremely wide rear end. This wide rear asked for big 15” BBS rims with tires sized 345/35. Those were the widest available in those days.


As expected from a car that slowly transforms into a Ferrari, and from a tuning-company that specializes in Ferrari upgrades Koenig-Specials also offered a power upgrade for the R107 500SL: 320 BHP from the 5.0 V8 was possible by adding a Kompressor. 


The interiors in most cars weren’t left untouched as well. TVs, Clarion G80 stereo systems and Recaro seats were fitted. Some were fitted typical type of Koenig upholstery, in Chesterfield-look with buttons and all. 



One of the very early Koenig-Specials 500SL R107s, the blue car that has been published many times over.











A beautiful photo showing two Koenig Mercedes, an SL and an SEC accompanying a Porsche 911 Turbo on the Japanese motorway late 1980s, early 1990s.







A red metallic 1986 Koenig 500SL in Japan, fitted with three-piece BBS RS with gold centres. The car was for sale at Garage Soa which held a large stock of high-end Mercedes, many tuned and converted.




A special interior was also fitted with dark red leather upholstery, burr wallnut trim, Recaros, Telephone, TV, some of the modifications done by Japanese interior-sepcialist companies.



A Koenig-Specials Mercedes-Benz 500SL from the USA; this particular car was actually used in an episode of the TV-series Miami Vice. Fitted with BBS wheels, US-bumpers with fog lights and some funky headrest extensions it's something else...



Koenig-Specials also offered special interiors for the R107, like this custom interior in gray or light blue (hard to tell from the photo) with Recaro seats, Raid steering wheel, Clarion G80 in the dashboard, TV in the centre console and the obvious in car telephone.



A second, very custom interior for the R107 SL with seats that look so puffed in style with some American limousines or a Chesterfield even... Again there's a TV in the middle, a secondary bulge in the dash (like the one for the speedo) that houses a stereo system.





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