One of Koenig-Specials' most well known conversions, the widebody variant of the Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe / SEC (W126). From the mid 1980s on Koenig-Specials made two different widebody conversions for the SEC; the first type was designed around 1985 and the second one in 1989. Differences between the two types are obvious, with the first type showing the Testarossa look (bodykit designed by Vittorio Strosek) and the second-generation one a wider and somewhat more agressive design.


The Koenig-Specials 1st generation widebody-kit for the W126 SEC....




Beautiful shots from the Koenig-Specials Brochure showing one of the earlier Koenig-Specials 500SEC conversions. The complete kit minus rear wing has been installed.



The special BBS wheels made for Koenig-Specials.



A period ad



The Koenig-Specials Mercedes 500SEC Wide Body in two press-photos of the mid 1980s. Interestingly it has the Koenig Front bumper with extra intercooler space created. Note the Berlin license plates.


Note the lower version of the Koenig rear wing.



1990: A set of two brand-new Koenig-Specials Mercedes in Japan, a 560SEC and a 560SL (R107) with Koenig Wide Body modifications.


Those same two cars running the Japanese freeways....



Three Koenig SECs parked next to eachother at a Japanese shop in the early 1990s.



A stunning white 1987 Koenig-Specials 560SEC for sale at Cox Corporation in Japan in the early 1990s.



A 1985 Koenig 500SEC for sale at Exciting Car Plaza Miura, back in the late 1980s. This is a twin-turbo version with the extra intercooler that has it's place behind the non-standard front bumper.


Quite possibly the same Koenig 560SEC with that same special front bumper... in the streets of Tokyo back in 1988.



A 1986 Mercedes 500SEC Koenig-Specials in Miami, on sale at AutoSalon2000, an exotic car dealership that sold Gemballa, Koenig, SGS, Strosek and Kremer cars.



The Second-Generation Koenig-Specials SEC, introduced in 1989.





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