From the late 1980s onward Trasco Bremen offered a stretched version of the Mercedes-Benz W124 200/300-series. The Trasco Diplomatic Limousine as it was called was a Mercedes 200/300 (W124) stretched by 81cm (32 inches). Four doors were retained, though the rear doors were stretched and straightened and the rear quarter of the Merc, where the original doors used to be, was closed with a small window. Many of the Diplomatic Limos built by Trasco Bremen had were 7-passenger cars, with fold-away seats in front of the fixed rear bench making a third row of seats. If not used they could be folded to the back of the front-seats.


A Trasco Diplomatic Limousine, a Mercedes-Benz 200/300-series (W124) based stretched limousine. This particular car shows that W124-limousines was more aimed at the luxury-taxi martket and not so much the market for true personal limousines.


The interior of the Diplomatic Limousine: standard velours upholstery with added fold-away seats for optional 5th and 6th passengers.



A Trasco Diplomatic Limousine based on the post-1992 2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz 200/300 W124 which by then was called Mercedes-Benz E-class (from 1993 onward). With metallic green paintjob and new-style Mercedes-Benz wheels this looks more luxurious than the previous cars.


The interior of this late-model W124 looks the part too: interior in leather, even the fold-away seats are upholstered in leather. This Trasco Diplomatic Limousine is also fitted with a centre console with a minibar, some storage compartments and a very nice clock.





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