The Strosek Design program for the Porsche 944; Vittorio Strosek's updates for everyman's Porsche.


The original 1986 version of the Strosek design program for the Porsche 944; new front bumper, bonnet with bulge, side skirts, wide rear fender flares with shark-vents...


....BBS-wheels and last but not least the "rear upper body panel", that replaces the original 944 rear window / trunk lid.


With rear wing on this photo.









The Strosek 944 at speed....




This is the same 944 but now fitted with a very special rear end; the so-called "Strosek 944 Turbo Combi", basically a way to turn the Porsche 944 into a shooting brake.







The 1989 Strosek Nova conversion for the Porsche 944; an updated bodykit with different head light treatment (PES-lights instead of the pop-up head lights), more rounded side skirts, a more simple single inlet in front of the rear wheels, rounded mirrors and obviously 17" OZ Futura wheels.




The Strosek "Nova" Porsche 944 convertible.





Text: copyright Bram Corts


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