Car dealer "Mizuho Inter Auto" used to have a large stock of brand new AMG Mercedes... in 1990 they offered these two AMG widebodies, an AMG 300CE 3.4 (W124) Widebody and an AMG 560SEC 6.0 (W126) Widebody for sale. The W124 300CE has been fitted with an SEC-style bonnet.








Two AMG Mercedes 560SEC 6.0 Widebodies at "Exciting Car Plaza Miura".




A true AMG "Hammer", this W124 AMG 300CE 6.0 Widebody that was for sale at luxury car dealer Caesar.





Two photos showing the same 1990 AMG 300CE with 3.4 litre engine. The car features an SEC bonnet conversion that seemed to have been very popular on AMG cars in Japan back in the early 1990s since I've seen quite a few of them with this modification.




An '89 Widebody AMG 300CE with a 3.2 6-cylinder engine. For sale in the late 80s or very early 90s.



This SEC-nosed 300CE Widebody is in fact (at least according to the advert from 1991) a '91 car in Hammer V8 6.0-24V spec. Not many of those around with the SEC bonnet and wonder if it would still have that in current times...



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