1988 Koenig "Competition"

It was 1988 when Koenig-Specials, by then already the number one Ferrari-tuner in the world, introduced the next phase in the tuning madness that a platform like the Ferrari Testarossa could offer; Just as if their 1985 710bhp BiTurbo version of the Testarossa wasn't enough, Willy Koenig introduced the even more radical "Koenig-Specials Competition". The Koenig Competition was fitted with an insane Twin-Turbo plus supercharger version of the Ferrari 12-cylinder engine. The combitation of supercharger and dual turbos was chosen mainly to overcome serious turbolag that could be expected when trying to extract 800 horsepower from the 4.9L engine, an engine normally producing 390 horsepower.


1989 Koenig "Competition Cabrio"

In 1989 the Koenig Competition Cabrio was introduced: 800 horsepower in a Testarossa drop-top. The actual conversion to cabriolet/convertible/spider was done by convertible-specialist Peter Lorenz (Lorenz und Rankl). Lorenz und Rankl already made regularly powered Spider versions of the Testarossa and these conversions were known for their stiffness, curtesy of a frame in the doorsills and extra sheet metal in the floor. The Competition's horsepower obviously needed serious stiffness when all the horses were released, but journalists in period found the heavy horsepowered convertible (dubbed "the fastest convertible in the World") to be pleasingly stiff, similar to the stock roofed version.


1990 Koenig "Competition Evolution" and "Competition Cabrio II"

In 1990 Koenig-Specials introduced an even more extreme version of the Ferrari Testarossa called the Koenig Competition Evolution. The bodykit was very similar to the original 1988 "Competition" but the design was updated with a slightly with a new nose that looked less like a Testarossa-nose "with some plastic", but much more as a complete redesign of the TR's nose. The exterior of the Competition Evolution wasn't what the car was about... it was the insane power the car came with. The 1988 Supercharged and Twin-Turbo'ed engine of the original Competition produced an already whopping 800 horses, but the Evolution managed the magical 1000 horsepower by means of a Twin-Turbo setup with special Motronic unit.

The Koenig Competition Evolution was offered as convertible as well, and was named "Koenig Competition Cabrio II". Early versions of this car were mysteriously equipped with the nose of the original 1988 Competition, what makes them look like the 800hp version.































This is probably the first Koenig Competition Cabrio, built in 1988 for an business man from Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Except for the engine and see-through engine cover the car has most styling elements of Vittorio Strosek designed 1985 Koenig Testarossa BiTurbo, including the front bumper, BiTurbo wheel arches and the rear end with the little lip.



















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