In 1988 Robert Jankel Design made this Jaguar XJ6 / XJ40 based Coupe, a conversion of the standard four-door Jaguar XJ6.


The idea was obviously inspired by the Jaguar XJC, an Series II Jaguar XJ based coupe that was only built between 1973 and 1978 (with the arrival of the XJ-S). Besides the beatiful two door conversion (with extended front doors) Robert Jankel Design also added more flared wheel arches and bigger wheels and tires. Engine options included a twin-turbocharged version of the V6 engine, where a V12 version was planned but dropped.


The body conversion was offered at a price of 28.000 pounds (20,000 for the Coupe-conversion and 8,000 for the fatter wheels and tires + wheelarch modification).












Text: copyright Bram Corts


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