Trasco was founded in a time that was the turning point for a lot of companies, some went bankrupt, others found new customers in Japan and left he Middle-East for what it was. The first cars introduced by Trasco were however still of the very Middle-Eastern taste, with loud color schemes and flashy interiors. This section deals with Trasco's Mercedes-Benz 1000SEL conversions based on the regular length 500SEL / 560SEL.


According to the Trasco pricelist dated june 1986 Trasco offered two different types of conversions on the regular-length Mercedes-Benz 500SEL:  the " Trasco 600SEL 5.0 " and the " Trasco 1000SEL ". The " Trasco 600SEL 5.0 " had similar specs as the " Trasco 1000SEL " however, it did not have TV / Video, no SEC-seats in the back and lacked various other options. The difference in price was about 40.000 DM (148.000 DM for the " 600SEL 5.0 ", 185.000 DM for the " 1000SEL ").


A very flashy Trasco 1000SEL from the very beginning of the company, approx. 1986. The car is painted candy-apple red and fitted with the full Trasco bodykit and Remotec wheels. The boomerang-antenna on the boot for the TV is accompanied by two regular aerials, probably for the carphone. 



The interior completely in sync with the exterior: beige leather, centre console with TV and storage compartments. The dashboard is interesting in that it has a full gold-plated Clarion G80 system installed. The dash itself however is left in black, not covered in the beige leather of the car itself. A sensible choice, but not a very nice one. The rear seats are of the SEC type, with the very typical Trasco centre console running right in between them.




Another very flashy Trasco 1000SEL from the same era. The blue paint convers it all, including the parts that used to be chrome including the car's grille. The star is gilded and the car has been equipped with the full  Trasco bodykit. The wheels are Rial 16". 



The interior shows why one would call such a car should be named " 1000SEL ". White leather, same centre console with TV as the above red car and a custom Raid steering wheel. Note the interesting way the upholstery on the seats has been done. Also note the strange triangle objects on the C-pillars, which are mirrors Rolls-Royce style.




This Trasco 1000SEL shows an all white exterior, with only the US-head lights left in their grey color. The ARC wheels are also painted white an fitted with gilded Mercedes-stars. 



The interior has the same features as the above two cars (centre-console with TV, picnic tables) but no leather in this car. All upholstery seems red velour, but it's red everywhere! 




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