In 1990s Japan the demand for Koenig-Specials was sky rocketing; the amount of Koenig-Specials Ferraris, Porsches and Benzes was almost second to none country-wize. A car-dealership named "Exciting Car Plaza Miura" wasa company in Japan that traded in new- and almost new exclusive cars that ranged from Lamborghinis and Ferraris to high-end Mercedes-Benzes. In their inventory as well one could almost always spot something from the Koenig catalogue, ranging from a relatively simple Koenig Ferrari 308 GTB to something as wildly exclusive as a Koenig-Specials Testarossa "Competition" or even a "Competition Evo".


A beautiful photograph showing the ""Exciting Car Plaza Miura" showroom in 1990. Among stock Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and even a BMW M1 there are two Koenig-Specials Ferraris in the inventory; a bright red Koenig Competition Evo (Testarossa) and a very white Koenig Ferrari 512bb Turbo with a most exciting red interior.






A beautiful white Koenig-Specials Ferrari 512bb Turbo parked in the "Miura" shops standing next to a Countach and a Testarossa.
























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