In 1984 the Treser Audi 200 "Liner" was introduced, an interesting mix of Audi 100 Avant and Audi 200 draped in a Treser sauce.


The idea for the Treser Audi 200 Liner originated from the fact that in 1984 an Audi 200 Avant wasn't available and Treser wanted to change that. One of the main requirements for the Treser Liner was however that it shouldn't look like the existing Avant/Stationwagon based on the Audi 200's little brother, the Audi 100 (both called Audi 5000 in the USA). So design work was started with that and another thing in mind: try to use as much unaltered Audi parts for this in other ways radical conversion.


The Treser Audi 200 Liner actually started out as a Audi 100 Avant. Yes, that's right! Not starting out with a sedan Audi 200 but a station 100 allowed Treser to use the structural benefits of the Audi stationwagon model that otherwise had to be incorporated in the sedan to allow the car to have proper stiffness and whobble like crazy during cornering.















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