In the 1980s German convertible-conversion specialist Lorenz & Rankl was known for it's drop-top versions of Ferraris and Mercedes; 308GTB, 512BB, 400i and both the S- and 200/300E were beheaded. In 1988 Lorenz & Rankl decided the would be of the first companies that dared chopping of the head of the then new (1986) Ferrari Testarossa.

Lorenz & Rankl didn't just build the soft-top versions of the Testarossa under their own name, they were also responsible for the Convertible versions of Koenig-Specials' Ferrari Testarossa-based "Koenig Competition", a high-tuned 800 horsepower version of the Testarossa (the Evo version even 1000hp).


A Lorenz & Rankl Ferrari Testarossa Convertible.













Koenig??!?! Yes, the Koenig-Specials Competition and Competition Evo Cabrios were also built by Lorenz & Rankl. When you look at the details, it becomes very obvious and also period publications state that Lorenz was involved with these cars. Remember, Koenig wasn't a coachbuilder and specialist work like creating a convertible of a supercar that has 800-1000 horsepower asks for some serious convertible-engineering which includes seriously strengthening the car that lacks a roof... bending a chassis that is underengineerd with over 800 horses can be done very easily turning a milion dollars into scrap or even worse.















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