The first true and more publicly exposed exploits of TechArt  in the world of Porsche tuning were done on the basis of the Porsche 911 model 964. We're talking very early 1990s. The cars you see here are mainly based on the 911 Carrera Cabrio models and were a great way to show what the TechArt, or TechArt Automobildesign as it was actually called, could do for you...



The year is 1990, and TechArt goes yellow.... this Porsche 911 cabrio (964-model) is draped in complete yellow inside -out. The car is fitted with a wide-body conversion which a high-class conversion done in metal. Porsche's front bumper was left to be, with the widebody front wheel arches draped acros the sides of the original bumper. Wheels are OZ Fittipali 17" with the centres painted in the car's yellow paint. This Turbo-look conversion used to cost about a 3rd (45,000 DM) of a new 964 Carrera 2 (120,000 DM) and the TechArt interior the way you see it here was another 30,000 DM worth.



TechArt's speciality was interior-design, something they did for other tuners as well (Koenig, Callaway, etc) and it shows they knew how-to with this very yellow (and a little black) interior. Note the speakers and the very 1990 carphone.




A nice combo of the yellow TechArt 911 Turbo-look next a black one with petrol interior.




1991: a TechArt modified Porsche 911 (964)in very similar widebody design as the yellow car. Again the complete conversion with wider front- and rear track, 17" OZ Fittipaldi wheels and a very loud colour combination of a purple-red paintjob with a purple interior.





The all-leather interior with purple everywhere. Note the racing seats.





This might be the ultimate insanity... a Turkish-green TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (964) Turbo-look... everything is the same color. Outrageously cool if you ask me.






Text: copyright Bram Corts


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