Founded by the brothers Rainer and Dieter Buchmann in the oil-crisis era. The company was known under different names such as Buchmann und Buchmann, B+B Auto Exclusiv Service, BB Autotechnik and BB Auto.The brothers were laughed at when they started their business of converting Porsches into very exclusive luxury cars. People thought there was little demand for such cars in a time when fuel was expensive. These people were proven wrong, because in a matter of years B+B Auto Exclusiv Service was the name when it came to converted Porsches. Their Porsche 911 Turbo Targa and Porsche 928 Targa were big hits and were featured on many covers of car magazines arround the world. Although best known for the Porsches and the CW311, B+B also modified Mercedes, VW (Golf and Polo) and various other marques. After important employees left the company (Erich Schulz, the designer of the CW311 and various other B+B cars being the most important) the B+B company went bankrupt in 1986.

A typical selection of "Buchmann und Buchmann" Porsches: the 1977 B+B 911 Turbo-Targa, a Buchmann Porsche 924 and a 928, all modified to customer specifications. The rainbow colors became a trademark for the company.


The Buchmann workshop somewhere arround 1979/1980.


Rainer Buchmann handing over the keys to new 911 Turbo Targa owner.


Inside the workshop, showing a slantnose 911 with 928 headlights is under construction. In the background the rainbow 911 Turbo Targa and the 928 Targa.






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