The 1990 Gemballa Mirage Evolutione (was this an actual misspelling of Italian "Evoluzione" or an hybridized Anglo-Italian version of "Evolution") was a Porsche 911 (964) Turbo based widebody low-roof monster. This car was the latest in a series of Gemballa Porsches that were designed as showcars for Pioneer HiFi equipment. Previous Pioneer-Gemballas were an dark-blue 911 Turbo (930) Avalanche and a white-on-white 911 Turbo (930) Cyrrus convertible.


The Gemballa Mirage Evolutione wasn't just a Pioneer display-case... it was a real loud as hell Gemballa Porsche that would keep Gemballa fans satisfied for years to come. First of all the 911 Turbo was fitted with a slantnose, a new modernized version of the 1970s/80s concept, this time without pop-up headlamps, these being replaced with clear plexiglass parts, just to stay streamlined all day.... even when cruising at 200mph at a nightly Autobahn or Highway.


At the center of attention: the Gemballa Mirage Evolutione displayed at the 1990 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show.


The Gemballa Mirage Evolutione with the Gemballa team at the Korntal-Münchingen shop.



Just as with it's 1986 brother, the Gemballa Mirage Evo had a much lower roofline than the original Porsche 911 Turbo; the chopping of the top was achieved differently however; the original '86 Mirage had a metal roof, the 1990 Mirage Evo had a roof completely made from plastic, allowing the conversion also to be done on a Cabriolet 911.






"Mirage Evolutione"











Inside the Gemballa Mirage Evolutione was a serious amount of Pioneer speakers of all shapes and sizes.





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