The Glenfrome Westbury was labeled as a "extra long wheel-base lurury limousine". The Range Rover was stretched by 36 inches but retained it's 4-door, 4-seat configuration. Some of the cars had two extra fold-away "occasional seats".


The early cars were based on the 2-door Range Rover, later ones on the 4-door Range Rover. Of course a Westbury conversion could be fitted with all the luxury options Glenfrome had to offer from special paint to leather upholstery and TVs.


An early Glenfrome Westbury conversion, based on a 2-door Range Rover (identifiable by the door handles which are typical for the 2-door). The rear door is in fact a converted front-door. The car is covered in a special red/gold two tone paintjob.


The nose of the same Westbury. It sports the special "Glenrover H/L-front" which is basically a Sheer Grille (Wood&Pickett. Glenfrome had a similar front end which was called the "Glenrover H-front") with savings for the double square head lights. Also note the flared fenders which merge with the bumper.


The car is fitted with Wolfrace wheels which were very popular custom rims for the Range Rover in the 1970s and 80s.



Two photos demonstrating the fold-away seats, also known as "occasional seats". These allowed the long and roomy car to house more than just five people. Also note the airconditioning unit between the "occasional  seats.




Another early Westbury conversion. It has a rather standard paintjob with standard Range Rover wheels. The nose seems to be modified but it's unclear what Glenfrome have done to it.



A newer model Westbury based on the 4-door Range Rover. Not just the door handles  but also the shape of the rear door confirms this: the C-pillar is leaning to the front whereas the older converted 2-door cars have the C-pillar leaning to the back. 



Another Westbury conversion. The picture clearly shows the "Glenrover H/L-front" with the square head lights. The car has the so-called Turbo wheels. The Boomerang-antenna on the roof is for the TV.


The interior of the car with a new dashboard with leather and fine wood finish. The seats are covered in cream colored leather with greenish draylon velvet centre panels.  



The passenger compartment with a TV on a very odd stand. The centre console houses an airconditioning-unit and drawer (possibly this is a small coolbox). The foot rests are actually folded away "occasional seats". Deep pile carpets cover the floor. The bottom picture shows the occasional seats foulded out



Even with all the extra legroom there's still room to put your suitcases, or gun whatever you like. Note that even the boot floor has been covered in deep pile carpets. 




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