Strosek Auto Design was founded by Vittorio Strosek in 1982. The company has it's headquarters in Utting am Ammersee, not very far from Munich in southern Germany. Strosek, a car designer by trade, learned part of his skills from German designer Luigi Colani. The rounded forms were Colani's trademark and this also is clearly reflected by the work of his pupil, Vittorio Strosek. 


Although Strosek started his career as a succesfull freelance designer with the EVEX slant-nosed Porsche 911 and various designs for Koenig-Specials as his showcases, starting his own shop surely wasn't a bad move. Starting his operation with a full range of parts for the Porsche 928, a car for which virtually no bodykit existed until then. It was a big hit. After the 928 came the 944 and later on the 911, and all conversions were continuously updated to keep up with current styling trends and to keep ahead of competition. 


Apart from the bodykits, suspension and wheels Strosek Auto Design also offered engine modifications, although these were always done by specialist companies elsewhere in Germany or Switzerland.



The Strosek headquarters in Utting am Ammersee, somewhere in the late 1980's. Outside we can see a 911, 928, 944 and a 928 Jurinek Convertible, all with Strosek bodykits.


A Strosek Porsche 928 under construction in the late 80's.


Vittorio Strosek at work




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