A L'Etoile 1000SEL; in other words a completely tricked-out Mercedes-Benz (500)SEL with every 1985 option imaginable. Dressed in a very bright green-metallic paintjob this car sports a so-called 600-nose; a custom-made bonnet that resembles the look of the nose of a "Grosser Benz", the Mercedes-Benz 600 (W100). Most of these bonnets were produced by Styling-Garage and were installed by many coachbuilders in the mid-1980s. Chrome-work on the 600-nose was gold-plated. The bumpers on this 1000SEL appear to be Lorinser-ones. As with many coachbuilders in the 1980s, who's core-bussiness was the coachbuilding and interior-work, components for dressing up the car were sometimes borrowed. An obvious choice as one can imagine how much time, (design)talent and effort is required to create a good-looking set of bumpers and spoilers. On top of that; it's very taste sensitive. As we can see later on L'Etoile used different brands of bumper as well.