Gemballa Porsche 928 Widebody based on the 928S.





An early version of the Strosek widebody for the Porsche 928.


Late 1980s Widebody 928 by Strosek.



Lotec Porsche 928, super wide.



DP Motorsport's Porsche 928 Widebody.



Koenig-Specials Porsche 928 Widebody, the first generation.



Koenig-Specials' second generation Porsche 928 Widebody, with super wide front-end.



This is the Auto-Exclusiv / MMA Porsche 928 Widebody. The car leans heavily on the Koenig-Specials bodykit, but uses a different front bumper.



P+H Tuning from Oberhausen, Germany made this Porsche 928 Widebody with a design that looks much like the Koenig 928, but it apears to be wider.




KHL-Langenberg made this very extreme Porsche 928 Widebody, most likely one of the widest ever made.




Rinspeed's Porsche 928 bodykit for the 928S4.



From the USA was this Porsche 928 Widebody, a full steel conversion offered by Chicago Porsche dealer Lynch (1986).



Also from the USA was this Porsche 928 Widebody from AIR (American International Racing).