Lorinser was founded in 1930 by Erwin Lorinser, but obviously not as a tuning company, but as a car dealership. By the time Lorinser got into tuning in the 1970s "Autohaus Lorinser" was a Mercedes dealership and in fact they still are today. The company is located in Waiblingen near Stuttgart in southern Germany. In the 1980s Lorinser offered tuning parts, mainly cosmetic, for the complete Mercedes-Benz range. As was shown in their catalogues Lorinser cars were driven by sporty people. In fact, many Formula One racers of the 1980s drove Lorinser modified Mercedes 500SEL and 500SECs. Among them were famous names as Nelson Piquet, Danny Sulivan, Alain Prost, Didier Pironi, Nikki Lauda and also famous rally driver Walter Röhrl.


A Mercedes-Benz 500SEL with Lorinser modifications, sometime around 1983.



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