Besides the Ferraris that Koenig-Specials converted in the 1980s and 1990s their line of super-wide Mercedes-Benz conversions were a common topic of discussion and debate in car magazines and among car people; either you love it or hate it, the extreme Testarossa inspired bodykits were well known and if your Benz needed some spicing up it would certainly added a lot of that.


The Koenig-Specials conversions offered for the W126-model S-class, both the SEC and the SE/SEL are probably the most common conversion(set) Koenig offered. Many cars were built in Munich at the Koenig-Specials shop, but even more cars were converted elsewhere by companies and people who simply ordered the Koenig-Specials conversion and did the work to actualy build the car themselves.


Design of the first generation W126  (-1990) bodykit for the W126 S-class was done by none other than Vittorio Strosek and if you look at the way he shaped the rear flares you can quickly detect the similarities of this design and Strosek's initial design for the Porsche 928 (sold by Strosek's own company).


The body kit for the Mercedes SE/SEL consisted of front - and rear bumpers, sideskirt, fender flares front- and rear- a wrap-around trunk lip and optional rear wing.





































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