Koenig-Specials was founded by Willy König. The company was based in Munich, in the south of Germany. The story starts when Willy König (or Koenig whatever you want) bought himself the first Ferrari 365 BB in Germany, back in 1974. Willy König was a car racer and a publisher at the time. Because he wasn't pleased with the performance of his new Ferrari he had it modified by engine-specialists and coachbuilding companies to suit his demands of creating the ultimate racingcar for the streets. Soon other people got interested in König's modified 365 BB the hobby was turned into a professional bussiness: Koenig-Specials was born in 1977.


In the beginning König only modified Ferraris but soon the range was expanded: Mercedes-Benz SEL, SEC and SL as widebody, Jaguar XJS as widebody, Porsches and even modification for the Lamborghini Countach wasn't crazy enough. For most cars enigine tuning was available and interior could be modified as well. The Koenig-Specials Ferrari range was also expanded with programs for the Ferrari 512 BB(i), Testarossa, 308, etc. At the end of the 1980s Koenig-Specials was the first to offer a street version of the Porsche 962 racecar, the Koenig C62.


Koenig-Specials outsourced it's modifications to companies and specialists with experience in the bussiness. The engine tuning was often done by Franz Albert and many of the widebody designs were done by Vittorio Strosek, who later started his own Porsche tuning-company.


Koenig-Specials is one of those tuning-companies who had just as much enemies as fans back in the 1980s. His modified Ferraris were not liked by the Maranello manufacturer, Enzo Ferrari ordered all stallion badges off the Koenig cars. Many people dislike Willy König's creations, but still he's a tuning-legend with many fans all over the world.


A selection of Koenig-Specials cars: BMW 3-series, Jaguar XJ and XJS, Ferrari 512 BB(i) and Testarossa and Mercedes SEC and SL as widebody.


A Japanese cardealer's inventory in the early 1990s; a Koenig Porsche 928, a Koenig Competition Evolution (Ferrari Testarossa) and a white Koenig Ferrari 512bb.


A Koenig-Specials Ferrari group photo, Japan 1990....a couple of Koenig Competitions (even an Evo), a set of Testarossa Turbos, a 512bb Turbo and two Koenig Ferrari 328s. Lovely gathering.






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