DP Motorsport was (is) one of those tuners that can actually rely on experience in motor-racing. DP Motorsport's 911 Porsche racers for the street appeared very similar to the Kremer Porsche 935 racing cars for which DP designed and produced the bodywork. DP Motorsport offered two different bodymodifications for the Porsche 911 in their regular program: the DP 935 I and DP 935 II.


The latter, the Version II, was the widest and had the most racy looks. These racy looks were more than looks alone. Ekke Zimmermann's DP Motorsport was in many ways different from other Porsche tuners like Gemballa and Rinspeed. The latter two modified cars merely to create extreme looks and a high boulevard-profile, whereas the DP 935 Porsches were racecars made for the street. The racing looks were matched by the car's performance (or the other way around): the Porsche DP 935 II were usually fitted with modified engines of 400 Horsepower or more and with the modified suspension and weight reduction the car was very racetrack worthy. Reducing the weight was accomplished by the modified looks: replacing most of the Porsche's bodypanels with DP's glassfibre ones (in the latter part of the 1980s carbon fibre was also an option) the overall weight of the DP Motorsport 935 was 550kg (!) less than a stock Porsche 911 Turbo (930). Only the roof and the doors were left untouched. 


The typical slanted nose, which originated from the racing Porsches and which was a very popular tuning-option in the 1980s was also present on the DP 935 II, although different types can be distinguished. DP Motorsport offered the slant nose as a version with pop-up headlamps and one without. The version without the pup-up headlamps was to go incombination with the big front-bumper which included headlights as well, although several cars have both the pop-up headlights and the front bumper with headlights fitted. The official US-version of the DP935 II Street lacked the front bumper with the big racy headlights and only had a small bumper modification with foglights installed, retaining the original Porsche bumper. This was done because of stricter US safetyregulations which didn't allow the all new DP Motorsport bumper to be installed, at least not without the pop-up headlights.


As with most of the 1980s high-end tuners, the DP Motorsport prices were steep: just the bodykit plus suspension upgraded used to cost 60.000 DM (1984). Upgrading the stock 3.2 litre Porsche engine from 300BHP to 360BHP was priced at 14.000 DM (1984) and the modification up to 400BHP incuding the increased displacement to 3.3 litres at no less than 20.500 DM (1984).



This is the DP Motorsport "DP 935 II, Europa-version" as stated in the brochure from the mid 1980s. This Porsche 930 Turbo comes with a full bodykit including the front bumper with integrated headlights which eliminates the need of pop-up headlights in the trunk.




A very yellow DP Motorsport 935 II. It clearly displays the Porsche Fuchs rims which have been widened by DP Motorsport in order to fit the fatter tyres. Personally I find the color yellow almost perfect for the DP 935.



Both the yellow DP 953 and a 911 Targa based white DP Motorsport 935 in one shot. The white Targa has both the pop-up headlights in the slantnose and the ones integrated in the front bumper.




This grey DP Motorsport 935 II was also based on a Targa 911. It's special in a way that is has a new front window which is placed at a different angle which reduces wind-resistance.



Looking a lot less spectacular from the front, this US-Version DP 935 Porsche lacks the special DP front-bumper.



Another DP Motorsport 935 as Euro-Version, this time in bright-red with blue striping. The striping was seen on most, if not all DP 935s available in many different color schemes. It added to the racyness of the DP 935.


The fatter tyres of the DP 935 measured 225/50 VR 15 on the front and a massive 345/35 VR 15 at the rear.


An interesting photo giving a great look a the side-mounted exhaust of the DP Motorsport modified Porsche 930.



This DP Motorsport 935 II was built in Sweden by DP Motorsport of Sweden. The owner of the company, Josef Zirkelbach is sitting behind the wheel.


This particular DP 935 has 400BHP, but from the stock 3.2 litre engine. Boost pressure of the turbo was 0.785 bar.



This is a very special DP 935 II, because it was not built soley by DP Motorsport. This DP 935 II was brought to Gemballa in Leonberg for a retrim of the interior and a very special paintjob in two-tone red. The car has a carphone and other luxury add-ons which aren't found in a circuit-racer!


On these photos the car was owned by German tuner KHL Langenberg, which as far as I know hasn't done anthing to the car.



1984: A DP 935 II under construction at the DP Motorsport shops in Overath, Germany. 



For sale in the US in the late 1980s, this DP935 Version I that was built in '84.





A similar Porsche DP935 for sale in the US. This one has similar color-scheme but a completely different front bumper with square headlights in air-inlets for brake-cooling below them.



Chef behind the wheel: famous Chicago chef Jean Banchet behind the wheel of his red-on-red DP Porsche 935 II convertible. The car standing in front of his restaurant "Le Français" (1984).


The same DP 935 for sale a few years later. This particular car was actually displayed on the Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) of 1983.







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