DP Motorsport was founded in 1973 by Ekkehard Zimmermann. The company has it's headquarters in Overath near Cologne in Germany. The abbreviation "DP" stands for Design + Plastik. In the 1970s and 80s DP Motorsport built and modified Porsche 935s that raced the 24 hours of Le Mans and other championships, mainly for the famous Kremer and Joest teams. In 1983 DP Motorsport began producing street-legal Porsche 911 / 930 based Porsche 935 replicas which at the time were very popular in the US and the Arab countries. The cars had the slantnoses, wider bodies and much more power. With Ekkehard's experience and success in racing the company was able to make street legal Porsches with serious racing-pedegree. One could take the DP 935 to the track and even win a race with it. 


It wasn't just Porsche 911 modifications, DP Motorsport also offered tuning and body modifications for the 928 and 944 Porsches and even did some other cars such as a Ferrari 308 and DeTomaso Pantera.


The DP Motorsport headquarters in Overath, Germany approximately 1985.


In the DP shops. A Porsche 944 seems finished, a DP 935 and a 928 Porsche are under construction.


A convertible DP Motorsport 935 in the Overath shops.



DP Motorsport of Sweden

DP Motorsport of Sweden was founded by Josef Zirkelbach. It was DP Motorsport's base in Sweden. Unlike many dealerships of tuners abbroad, DP Motorsport Sweden did gain some fame. Josef Zirkelbach even had some export customers, even from the USA. Josef Zirkelbach's company wasn't soley a DP Motorsport dealer, he was also a dealership for AMG-tuned Mercedes.


Ekkehard Zimmermann (left) and Josef Zirkelbach (right) standing behind a DP Motorsport Porsche 928 built in Sweden.




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