The Carmichael Commando was a 6-wheel (6x4) Range Rover conversion based on the 2-door Range Rover. It was originally designed in the early 1970s as a Range Rover based firetruck used on airports but by the late '70s Carmichael also offered luxury variants of the Commando Range Rover. Carmichael also had a 4x4 four-door version of the Commando Range Rover conversion available, which had the same length as the 6x4 vehicle but without the extra axle.



The Carmichael Commando


A Carmichael Commando fitted with Wolfrace wheels, which were the standard when it came to Range Rover modifications. Interesting are the sidepipes mounted on this car.


The bootspace in this Commando is massive, especially when the rear seats have been folded in a forward position.


A look at the front seats which look standard except for on thing: the head rests. These have built-in speakers for the soundsystem.



Another Carmichael Commando in a two-tone livery. Wolfrace wheels fitted.



This Carmichael Commando was built for Wolfrace, the manufacturer of the wheels that you see under many custom Range Rovers from the 1970s and 80s. The car has sidepipes and a fold-away roof.


The "Range Rover" on the bonnet was replaced by "Wolf Race" .





The Carmichael Highlander


The Carmichael Highlander Range Rover was basically a Carmichael Commando with a raised roof. It was introduced in 1979.








The Carmichael Clansman


The Carmichael Clansman Range Rover was a four-door version of the above Highlander.





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