1977 was the year Buchmann (B+B Auto) made big noize with their Porsche 911 Turbo Targa, that famous silver metallic car with it's rainbow interior; very likely one of tuning's most famous cars of all time.

1978; A year down the line and with Buchmann now well established saw customer's ordering their 911 Turbo Targa. One of those customers was a 26 year-old multi-millionaire from Caribean Curaçao and his name was Ortega Ramirez. The car was mechanically similar to the 1977 Rainbow Turbo-Targa but it had some very interesting new features as well. One the most notable things Buchmann did to the 911 was the nose. Instead of the standing headlights Buchmann installed pop-up headlights from the 928 in the nose making the nose of the 911 much more aerodynamically pleasing (up until the headlamps pop up that is....). Now it might be interesting to note that the idea of fitting 928 headlamps on a 911 actually was an idea dreamt up by the Porsche Factory and was introduced in 1977. However in Porsche production it never came to be, so it was up to the tuners to do so. Buchmann was one of the first to do it, but afterwards AIR (American International Racing), Rinspeed and various others adopted the idea as well.


Back to the black and gold 930 BB Turbo Targa. Because the besides the 928-nose treatment there was of course the conversion to Turbo, starting from a 911SC Targa; custom made widened (930 Turbo style) fenders, strengthening of the body to handle all the extra power from the Turbo-engine, etc. Then there were things very specific to this very car:

- BBS RS wheels with gold metallic centres

- Special front "bumper" an intake for a bigger oil cooler. The mesh to cover this intake was gold-plated.

- The centre reflector reading "Porsche" on the back end of the car was modified to function as a full width brake light.

- Early photos of the car don't show this, but at one point the car was fitted with a boomerang antenna for the TV

- A complete custom interior which included

- Recaro C-Ideal Seats in gold-coloured velour with the owner's initials "OR" in the head rests

- A dash with turbo boost-knob, custom stereo and a Sony TV.

- In the back there was crazy gold leather and a mini bar


The complete car would have cost 215.000DM in '78.




The Black 'n Gold Buchmann 930 Turbo Targa in a press-photo, back in 1978. With it's roof closed.


































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