The Benny-S "El Riyadh"


The Mercedes-Benz 500SEL based "Benny-S El Riyadh" was a luxury "1000SEL-ish" version of the W126 S-class. This particular car has new front and rear bumpers and smoothened sideskirts. The car is fitted with Centra Type 31 rims, a small Benny-S badge has been added to the grille and a delicate red pinstripe complements the whole.



Interestingly the design of the Benny-S bumpers, mainly the rear bumper, give the Benny-S El Riyadh the look of a US-built car.



The most interesting on the Benny-S El Rhyad can be found on the inside though. Look at this dash! Benny-S called this "modern styling". The year was 1985. A very different design compared to the stock W126 interior, with digital instruments, a Clarion G80 stereo and a TV installed. And yes, this interior indeed belongs to the car above. Interesting also are the very big red slabs of leather that replace the wood trim.



The Benny-S "VIP 1"


The Mercedes-Benz 500SEL (W126) based " Benny-S VIP 1 " was a luxury conversion aimed at the businessman. Fitted with new bumpers, special rims (of an unknown type)


Note the numberplate: SG-S 414. Is this hinted at SGS? SG was for Solingen, but the S behind that is too much of a coincidence.


The VIP 1's interior with TV, electric curtains and special fully adjustable seats that allowed the passenger to take a nap.


The TV in a special console, very different from the ones made by other tuners in those days. Underneath the TV we find the Video.


The beverage-compartment between the rear seats. Most notable about the interior is the stock Mercedes upholstery.


Picnic tables mounted to the front seats.



The Benny-S "Cabriolet"


Benny-S also offered this Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Convertible-conversion. The actual work for the 500SEC to be converted to a rag-top was very likely done by Styling-Garage (SGS) from Hamburg, but further styling elements were added by Benny S to make it special conversion.


Judging from the pictures this most likely is an SGS (Styling Garage) made cabrio conversion. As can be seen in this photo the rear seats are placed close to one another, without the armrest that used to be there. This was a trademark for SGS, GCS Bennemann and Straman conversions.


The car is fitted with Centra wheels.



Benny-S "SEC-Package"


This is the " Benny-S SEC-Package ", an SEC modification slightly less spectacular than the Panam and Indy 500 versions. The similarities are obvious though, mainly the front bumper and smooth sideskirts are very similar as seen on the Benny-S Panam. Allthough "SEC-Package" sounds as just some sporty parts for the SEC, the SEC-Package could include new interior with LED-instruments and new suspension as well. The pictured car has Ronal wheels fitted.


This car looks the same, might even be the same one. This time it has Rial wheels though and a Benny-S logo covering the Mercedes star.


On the back-end of the car we find a simple bootlid spoiler.




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