Sleek, fast and highly customized are words to best describe the 1984 930 Almeras Bi-Turbo 3.3 by Porsche tuning-brothers Almeras (Almeras-Frères) from southern France's Montpellier. The metallic blue Porsche 911 Turbo was so far from any factory Porsche creation that from various angles the car was hardly recognizable as a creation from Zuffenhausen; the original front with round head lights was swapped for a far more streamlined slant nose with plexiglass head light covers that discarded the need for any pop-ups that were so common on the various 911 slantnose / Flachmann creations of the day.

One of the modifications not immedately obvious when looking at the Almeras Bi-Turbo 3.3 is the fact that the Almeras brothers have actually lowered the 911's roofline by a whole four centimeters to get a much lower drag. Combined with a more slanted (9 degrees) windshield, this definitely helped the car to reach high speeds. And high speeds it reached; the 400 horsepower twin turbo 3.3L engined 930 could do speeds up to 300km/h which was seriously fast back in the mid 1980s. The high speeds possible were a reason for Michelin to invite the Almeras car to participate in a test-program at the Ladoux test-track for the tyre-manufacturer's then-new MXX high performance tyre.


The Almeras Porsche 3.3 Bi-Turbo would cost you 650.000 French Francs back in 1985, of which




The Almeras Porsche Bi-Turbo 3.3 sure was a cover-girl back in the 1985 press stands.






The 3.3 Bi-Turbo under construction in the Almeras body shop back in 1984.




The Almeras Porsche 911 3.3 Bi-Turbo seen during a high-speed tyre test for Michelin's then new TRX Tyre at the Ladoux test track in France.





The rear end of the Almeras Bi-Turbo 3.3 is actually trying to fool you into thinking the car was made in Italy; does this remind you of a 288 Ferrari maybe? The tail lights sure look like Ferrari spare parts...






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